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Glasgow Water Company is one of 63 Publicly Owned Treatment Works (POTW) in the state of Kentucky required to maintain and operate a Pretreatment Program as part of their Wastewater Treatment Plant’s (WWTP) Kentucky Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (KPDES) Permit.

Following issuance of the Federal Clean Water Act in 1972 the National Pretreatment Program (40 CFR Part 403) was developed and enforced in the 1980’s.  The underlying goal of the Program is to ensure that large POTWs, especially those treating wastewater from non-domestic users (meaning industrial and commercial users), have policies and actions in place to protect their POTWs from pass-through or interference that may otherwise cause harm to their receiving waters.

GWC’s Pretreatment Program is required to enforce all national pretreatment standards as well as any local requirements necessary to protect its POTW.  Through the use of POTW-specific Local Limits, Industrial User Discharge Permits, on-going system monitoring and countless other methodologies; GWC works diligently to ensure that the wastewater it receives from its customers can be effectively and efficiently treated before discharging to its receiving stream.

GWC’s Pretreatment Program is intended to protect our POTW, our customers and our environment.  Likewise; questions, comments and concerns from anyone regarding our POTW and/or the Pretreatment Program are always welcome.